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Grease System Outline


The SHOWA grease system comprises of various sub-lubrication systems, offering different methods of distribution and discharge. The 3 main grease lubrication sub-systems, allows a broad range of lubrication requirements to be catered for.


Pressurized grease is forwarded to individual lubrication points in sequence by utilizing progressive type (volumetric) distribution blocks. As the pistons in the Dester G block (SG) move in sequence to distribute grease, the Dester G block will not be able to function if a single port is sealed. This characteristic of the system helps simplify monitoring and lubrication management. By confirming operation at the Dester G blocks, it is possible to identify lubrication problems from a centralized point. If a port(s) is not required, attachments (PSG) can be used to combine ports. Additional Dester G blocks can be attached to upper level (parent) blocks, broadening the lubrication system to meet varying requirements.


No. Code Description
1 MHG Pump
2 SG608A Distribution Block
3 SG606B Block With Indicator
4 SG612A Distribution Block
5 PSG104 Attachment

★Section Pipe Fittings & Parts

Pipe Size Fittings Utilized
φ8 PD801,PA8,PB8
φ6 PD6,PA6,PB6

●Section Pipe Fittings & Parts

Pipe Size Fittings Utilized
φ8 PA6,PB6
φ6 PD604,PA4,PB4


Grease is forwarded to individual lubrication points simultaneously by triggering volumetric distribution equipment with intermittent pressure fluctuations and depressions. This action can be performed by a pump possessing a pressure displacement mechanism. Volumetric distribution blocks with differing discharge volumes can be utilized and incorporated into a single lubrication system. This flexibility with discharge volumes simplifies system layout and planning, enabling the single line system to be ideally suited for a wide variety of lubrication systems and situations. Monitoring and general lubrication management can be simplified and performed by installing pressure switches and distribution blocks with indicators at required locations.


No. Code Description
1 GPMW Pump
2 01050613 Connector
3 01050610 Connector
4 PGL250 Pressure Gauge
5 JHD3S T – Connector
6 01040600 T – Connector
7 GDB6K Junction Block
8 DG50 Piston Distributor
9 PA4 Bushing
10 PB4 Sleeve
No. Code Description
11 PD4 Nipple
12 PH4 Elbow
13 DGE20 Flow Sensor
14 GDB4K Junction Block
15 PG1 Plug
16 DG3 Piston Distributor
17 GDB7K Junction Block
18 DG30 Piston Distributor
19 PQ101 Connector
20 GDB5K Junction Block


By applying different amounts of resistance at the resistance type distribution junctions or lubrication points, the grease from the pump can be divided and discharged proportionally. Unlike the progressive or single-line systems, resistance type systems are unable to measure specific volumes for discharge past the pump unit.Ideal for smaller scale lubrication requirements (Under 10 lubrication points with distribution piping not exceeding 5m in length). Lubrication systems can be installed and operated at minimal expense due to the simple nature of the components and system. Fixed and adjustable resistance applying distributors are available to simplify installation.


No. Code Description
1 SHG Pump
2 DB Junction Block
3 CSS Continuous Unit
4 PAN4 Nut
5 PB4 Sleeve
6 PD110 Adapter
No. Code Description
7 PA6 Bushing
8 PB6 Sleeve
9 PD4 Nipple
10 PA4 Bushing
11 PH4 Elbow
12 PG004 Plug