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Privacy policy

SHOWA Co. observes laws related to individual information and will promote to realize appropriate handling of individual information as follows:

  1. Obtaining individual information.

    Our company obtain individual information fairly without deception or other dishonest means.

  2. Utilization of individual information.

    Our company utilize individual information within the scope necessary for achieving the usage purpose.

  3. Safety management of individual information.

    Our company takes necessary and appropriate measures for safety management of individual information to prevent divulgation, loss and damage of those.

  4. Consignment of individual information.

    In case that our company consigns to handle individual information to third party / person partially or in full, we will conduct strict inspection about concerned third party /person and supervise concerned third party/person appropriately for safety management of individual information consigned the handling.

  5. Providing individual information to third party/person.

    Except for cases prescribed in laws such as laws for protecting individual information, our company will not provide individual information to third party/person without advanced agreement by concerned person.