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SHOWA service membership terms

In using services provided by SHOWA Inc. (hereafter, our company), the terms have been laid down as follows:
Article 1. Scope of the terms
The terms lay down the services provided by the site.
Article 2. Membership
1.After approval of the terms and completion of the membershipping process prescribed, persons who were admitted by our company are made the members.
2.In case that our company consider inappropriate to admit as a member, the acceptance of the membership may not be made.
3.One member shall be registered for the membership as one case.
Article 3. Management of password
1.Management of password registered on the site and its use shall be completely responsible for the concerned member.
2.Conducts such as cession of the password, its buying, selling and lending etc. shall be prohibited completely.
3.Our company shall not be responsible at all for any negligence on use of the password by the member and any detriment by use of third party/person. Any indication of intention toward the company using the password shall be regarded as an indcation of intention by an effectual member who is relevant to the password.
Article 4. Registration information of the members 
1. In the following cases, a part (name/address) of registration inforamtion of the members may be disclosed without permission by the concerned member.
(1) In case that our company consider to be disadvantageous for our company and other members or third party/person, the information will be disclosed to the police or related organs.
(2) In case that disclosure of the registration information is requested by the police, court, prosecutors office, bar association, consumer grievance center or organs with authorities being pursuant to those, our company shall decide to accede to it.
(3) Besides the above, in case that our compnay consider to be corresponsive for the disclosure.
2.Our company shall not admit any untrue description about all items of registration information filed for the membership in becoming the member.
3.In case that any change in the registration information of the member occurs, the member shall conduct the prescribed procedures promptly.
Article 5. Prohibition of use other than the scope of personal use 
The member, except for our approval (in case that third person/party having the right for concerned information is present, or acquisition of approval of cencerned thrid party/person through our company is included), shall not copy, sell, publish any information obtained through our company or use it beyond the scope of personal use.
Article 6. Prohibition items in the members
1. Our company prohibit following conducts or probable conducts by the members.
(1) Conducts against good public order and customs
(2) Conducts associated with criminal conducts
(3) Conducts violating laws or ordinances etc.
(4) Conducts of copyright infringement against our company, other members, third party/person, and other infringement of intellectual property rights
(5) Conducts of infringement of property and privacy etc. against our company and other members or third party/person
(6) Conducts causing detriment to our company and other members or third party/person
(7) Conducts of obloquy/calumny toward our company and other members or third party/person
(8) Conducts obstructing the operation of the site of our comppany etc. or those damaging the trust of our company
(9) All conducts of business transaction in which the member utilizes the membership without permission of our company
(10) Election campaign and similar conducts or conducts violating the laws or ordinances such as the public offices election law
(11) Conducts of untrue answers for all questionnaires including the membershipping process by our company
(12) Conducts of transmission or writing such as harmful computer programs etc.
(13) Conducts of unauthorized use of ID and password
(14) Other conducts which our company consider as inadequate conducts by concerned member.
Article 7. Extinguishing the memebership qualification
1. In cases falling under the following items, our company shall be able to extinsuish the membership qualfication without advance notice to concerned member and consent of him/her.
(1) In cases violating the prohibition matters prescribed in Article 6 or each article of the terms
(2) In case that our company consider that the return information at the admission is intended untrue description.
(3) In case of unauthorized use of the password or making it use
(4) In case that any unauthorized conduct not admitted by our company is present
(5) In other cases that our company consider to be inadequate
2. In case that the membership qualification is extinguished, all rights which the member possesses in our company shall be extinguished.
Article 8. Withdrawal from the membership
Requests such as discontinuation of the utilization shall be conducted toward our company on the site page for withdrawal from the membership prepared by our company.
Article 9. Change in the terms
Our company shall be able to change the terms as needed without advance notice and consent. As for the contents, at the time after the changed contents were shown on the site for one month, it shall be deemed that all the members have accepted the change. However, in case that third party/person may be put at a disadvantage or an unexpected contingency is anticipated, the changes in the terms shall be executed before the above period comes through.
Article 10. Exemption from responsibility
1. Our company shall not bear any responsibility at all for damages to the members or third party/person regardless of any reason including because of delayed or discontinued service provided on the site.
2. Our company shall not bear any responsibility at all for correctness and compatibility to specific purpose etc. of information obtained through use of the service on the site.
3. Our company shall not bear any responsibility at all for damages caused by information etc.obtained through use of the service on the site.
4. In case that a trouble occurs between the member and other member or third party/person in relation to information/service provided through the site, the member shall resolve the matter with self-payment and responsibility and shall not cause any damage to our company.
5. Our company shall not bear any responsibility at all for troubles occurring in relation to execution of his/her obligations associated with business such as buying or selling goods between the member and third party/person etc. conducted through the site or troubles occurring in relation to other business.
6.Our company shall not bear any responsibility at all for troubles occurring from disclosure of the registration information of the members based on the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of Article 4.

Article 11. Agreement jurisdiction
In case that a judicial action in relation to the site is required between our company and any member, Tokyo district court shall be made a captive agreement jurisdictional court.
Article 12. Ruling law
In relation to formation, validity, implemention, and interpretation of the terms.